What happen to grin network hashrate?

It dropped A LOT all of a sudden, from over 6000g to less than 4000g, any idea what happen?

GrinScan - Charts shows that difficulty dropped from ~180M to ~80M,
with graphrate dropping more than half.

Apparently, Nicehash went temporarily offline.
Now that it’s back, graphrate is quickly recovering.

Still scary to see such a majority of our graphrate coming from Nicehash.
Presumably all GPUs. Which shows that ASICs are still a minority.

Screen Shot 2021-03-06 at 4.47.34 PM

Mine the dip!


We did also see a problem with NiceHash as the grin health metric we where working on dropped a lot.
Had to do something with Mr.NiceHash.

Did iPollo release any information on how many G1 chips they have produced? I know it was requested but I cannot remember ever seeing an answer from them.

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