Type of CPU to mine GRIN?

Hey Guys,

So i’m thinking of mining some grin maybe setting up a computer with a cpu just for mining it question is what type of cpu would be feasable to use?

There is none of CPU that can be profitable from mining Grin.
You can even have some 40 core Xeon, but it´s still insufficient.

ah ok thanks for the reply, damn that sux

You can still mine for fun, even with a crappy CPU. I mined a few Grin with a Pentium i5 Quad core and 8 GB of RAM albeit it took several days and mining to a pool like mwgrinpool etc also. It won’t be commercially profitable as previous poster says…but you then have some Grin!


Give us some specs about your PC, so we can find out if it´s worth.
Maybe your GPU would be more reliable for mining.

Or you can build a network of botnet, million of CPU could mine big GRIN.

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ok yea Im not looking to be profitable at all I got some laptops laying around that I can use for mining I’m not sure the specs (can look it up) but I’m sure they are some shitty cpu’s but if I can get a few grin idc just hold them for a long time. I don’t pay electric so doesn’t matter :slight_smile:

Why not to mine any CPU-oriented altcoins? Verium, UraniumX etc?

bc Im pretty bullish on grin I’d rather mine grin than those coins.

Interesting, never heard of UraniumX. It´s profitable to mine it on Xeons (2x18 core) ?

*edit: testing UraniumX mining:

not sure why it is using only half of my logical processors.

Idunno, seems that nobody mines this coin since I have 16-18 blocks daily with only 6 threads of FX-8350.

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ok, this thing is dope, I made around 21 URX per day on a single chip.
I´ll try to run it on both. I know it´s off topic but seriously, this is worth of CPU mining!

*edit don´t follow the old URX site (it´s an old node, your mined URX will be useless)
this one is official now : https://urx.zone/

*edit… this is about the Lock Pages in memory (should force Xeons to work at 100% utilization)

But it still doesn´t works for me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Topic is fine, pls move altcoin posts to their own forum and perhaps leave 1 link here for others interested to follow.

I am mining grin on a mac-mini mid 2011 with 16 Gb ram - maxes the cpu and not ram.

I am achieving a few .0001 gin per day with grinmint pool.

And of course, my point is learning, as I want to learn rust and grin.

0.0001 Grin per day is nothing. You better buy it at lower prices.

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btw are you mining on latest 1.0.3 wallet? thanks

1.0.1 Where did you get 1.0.3?

Please try to stay on topic, this thread is about Grin mining, not URX

NO! 20 characters though!