Transaction Building Over Sound

It could be possible to use this technique of data transfer to build slatepack transactions using sound between mobile devices or mobile and point of sale device. Device support for microphone and speaker is very wide spread, so this could be a perfect solution to in-person payments.


Pretty cool, but it isn’t Open Source sadly GitHub - geckoanton/Ozzillate: Data over sound file transfer web application

Interesting idea, similarly the data can be transferred using the flashlight for flashing.
But in the end QR codes are probably still most practical. Still a cool idea since you could send a transaction without physical contact or use of any mobile network.
Here an Open Source protocol for acoustic data transmission:

At the moment we lack time for implementing cool features like this, also because we need to standardize more in the Grin ecosystem, e.g.

  • standardize HD wallets, multiple accounts, one time use addresses.
  • standardize the API’s for both grin rust node and grin++, so UI and downstream software like web-store payment processor plugins
  • discoupling slatepack data and sending protocols, make it easier to specify in transaction json which transfer channels are used

Once we made more standardization, it should be much more easy to use all kind of cool ways to send slatepacks such as but not limited to:

  • transfer via tor
  • transfer by email
  • transfer via QR
  • transfer via light (flashlight)
  • transfer over sound
  • transfer via third party APPs such as signale (of course we can already do that manually by copy pasting slate-pack text)

If this is more standardized such cool transfer methods can also be used by other interactive cryptocurrencies like beam, at least I think it should be encourage to share and reuse ideas and code as much as possible in the crypto space.