Three (Grin?) job openings at Layer1

Anyone have addition info on these three job openings at Layer1?

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I might qualify as a Mining Engineer…


What is happening essentially is that Peter Thiel and a bunch of other investors are investing on Grin.

Unclear whether they are going to help out with the security audit funding campaign though

I’m reminded of when Blockstream gained influence over BTC by hiring key devs.

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I’m reminded of when Blockstream gained influence over BTC by hiring key devs.

In all fairness, Blockstream was founded by key people.

Blockstream is a blockchain technology company co-founded by Adam Back, Gregory Maxwell, Pieter Wuille and others, and led by Adam Back.

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That certainly is a big difference…

(Unless Igno is Peter Thiel!) :open_mouth:



or when Microsoft bought its way onto the linux foundation

Corporate take overs of open source are always happening but I have yet to see an example worth worrying about years after the fact. The culture is usually set early and if someone tries to change something important the fluid nature of it flows elsewhere.

I don’t like that. :-1:

Needs to be discussed & evaluated @ Regarding Risk Management · mimblewimble/docs Wiki · GitHub

Please make Grin no commercial/(mainly) for-profit project.

Grin was announced as community-driven, aiming to respect early cryptocurrency ideals, including (a refreshing, way to rarely used) Cypherpunk & Crypto-Anarchy approach/background/credo.


A casher is here?

Whats your story? Politics?

Author of the holy logo and book; why oh why are you worried about the direction of the culture, is it not under your safe keeping?

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Please keep Grin free from people like Peter Thiel. Not a good guy and not at all comparable with Blockstream where Adam Back has a fantastic reputation as Cypherpunk. Peter Thiel is more the opposite reputation-wise. Hope most Grin devs are financially independent! Be very critical when new devs join. In Bitcoin there have been some “bad apples” (Mike Hearn, Gavin Andresen, Jeff Garzik) who tried to undermine the project and some code they wrote still cause vulnerabilty, privacy loss and insecurity for the Bitcoin ecosystem (like Bloomfilters or payment channels).

@Manfred_Karrer I respectfully disagree with most of your sentences. It sounds like you’ve been getting your information from censored sources.

We are just going to just remove both of you from the government