Regular hard forks alternative, PoW algorithm tweaking

Hi guys, as far as I understand, there is hard fork routine motivated necessary PoW algorithm tweaking. My idea is, why not tweak it automatically according to hash of Nth block.

  1. We never know the hash of the block until we mine it.
  2. As we mine it, we tweak the Cockoo algorithm by factor of the block’s hash for the block mined in the future (say 100 block from there)

Tell me your opinion

There will only be 3 or 4 (I forgot which one) hard-forks in total (one every 6 months). See it as an opportunity for the developers to change the protocol as they wish during the first two years in case unexpected things turn up. We’re still in the development phase.

Because an ASIC can easily incorporate pre-programmed automatic tweaks.
Bricking ASICs requires unpredictable tweaks, of the kind I’m introducing every 6 months.