Proposal to Upgrade the Docs/Wiki

Greetings Crew,

Wanted to do my part. So I rendered the current docs displayed through github’s wiki using docsify.js

:point_right: Live Preview

Figured I’d make it to show what I had in mind, and the community can decide if this is relevant/useful. I use docsify on other projects because it makes it easy to host the docs cleanly through a website/subdomain (like or something). Docsify also automatically generates links based on the markdown files + their subtopics, which makes it really easy to reference with clean URLs.

Biggest issue though is I forked the docs, but had to clone the wiki specifically. Meaning I messed up and didn’t include the history of commits to the wiki.

Thus, if this is interesting to the community, I can try to fork the wiki specifically to hopefully include the authorship and history of the docs up to this point. But right now I figured I’d show it as is to see if this is interesting in the first place.

This is also a pull request on github

It looks really good, can this be synced up to the official github wiki, or does it have to run a fork? Would be less work than maintaining a parallel wiki, though I guess having a redundant one could have benefits as a backup.