Proof of stake/reputation with mining in grin

I’ve read grin has a really bad centralization problem. Electing/having a way to pseudo randomly elect (or with a generator just know) the next block generator will reduce massively the centralization. I could be one of the people thatd implement it.
What do you think?
(I mention here proof of reputation. It’s just like pos, but you risk your reputation. Which doesn’t slash your stake, but your reputation, less barrier for entry)

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I think Grin is better off with PoW. One thing PoW has that PoS lacks is permissionless entry to the system. To get some coins you can simply pay a higher electricity bill. In PoS you need to get them by buying it from someone. Permissionless entry might be even more important in coins that are not completely transparent.


Yea exactly why I mentioned reputation as an alternative to stake

I’m not familiar with proof of reputation, but I’d very much vote against breaking our promise to the miners. A huge amount of work was put into evolving PoWs to eventually enable ASICs, companies put in millions of dollars to build them and it would have been a very bad image for Grin to now switch to a different consensus model. PoW is also very inline with the simplicity of Mimblewimble and Grin. The current centralization issue seems to be a human problem - there are other pools available, miners just don’t act.


One of Grin’s core aims is to avoid wealth concentration by evenly spreading the coin distribution over all time.

I fail to see how your proposal achieves that. It would rather
seem to concentrate the wealth on current Grin whales.
Along with sacrificing the simplicity and objective security guarantees of PoW.

Feel free to implement it and fork the chain.
It just wouldn’t be Grin…


ok I see, thank you for the feedback

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