New privacy-focused wallet that supports "Mimblewimble"

On there’s a link to Grin, so I guess by “Mimblewimble” they mean Grin?

Amir Taaki is the creator of libbitcoin & Dark Wallet.

(via Guy Corem)


:+1: Mesh nets + mix nets + blockchain + distributed AI + maker/hacker culture + solar-electric power + FOSS everything = the only good technological future I can foresee.

The coinbase article is a bit confusing, this is the relevant bit from the project page:

A cross-platform experimental wallet supporting Mimblewimble, and potentially other privacy-enhanced cryptocurrencies including Moneroand Zcash.

The wallet supports the mixnet automatically by default to provide privacy on the p2p level.

Integration with the NYM protocol is in progress in order to enable privacy-enhanced authentication for other privacy enhanced services like secure messaging.

…so it looks like they are planning to do grin wallet with mixnet as P2P layer. Sounds good. Maybe someone should contact them and ask about it?