Ironbelly is Spitting Fire No Longer

I have only ever done a few successful address transactions. The other times I’d get failures, no idea why, even without tor. Using slatepacks also helped me grasp the concept of a crypto transaction without addresses. Perhaps one day, more work will be done to improve the reliability of an ‘online’ mechanism.

See I think the presence of Tor enables those exchanges and pools to keep running their dysfunctional systems, and it sort of endorses it to the users. They download a wallet and there is an address and it just seems to be presented as the way to use Grin. And so they walk into the trouble.

Tradeogre by not supporting Tor keeps users out of trouble. And the wallets could do the same, by also not supporting Tor. Let Gate explain to their users why they have to go download an outdated wallet to use their bad transaction mechanism.