How to find Outputs via node api

I got some questions regarding outputs and the commit.

  1. Regarding the main part of an output is the r*G + v*H this is also called Pedersen Commitment or commit within our apis for example the post-receive-tx API.
    There its descriped as “The homomorphic commitment representing the output amount”.
    Is that correct?

  2. Somehow this commit value is not unique, why is that the case and why would someone reuse the r value?
    I understand that r should be a unique private key for each output.

  3. If I keep track of output commits that my wallet creates when someone sends me coins via post-receive-tx API can I track the output status via this commit?
    I was looking at this node API Call GetChainOutput.

  4. What is the Output Id there? Is it the output commit?

  5. If the commit value is not unique but can be reused once spend how can I access an old spend output via the node api when there is already a newer output commit on the chain.


Do you want to find all your outputs? Look at grin wallet restore
Do you want to verify the status of your pending transactions? Look at grin wallet info or grin wallet outputs

There’s commit(ment), excess and kernel. Then there’s a transaction id too. A transaction can contain many kernels and an aggregated signature. Taking any existing transaction, you could include another transaction of your own and then aggregate / cut-through and you can control the transaction you add.

See also Jargon file and glossary · mimblewimble/docs Wiki · GitHub and come back with any further questions. I’m still figuring this out myself too :slight_smile:

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Thanks sesam,

I am looking for a way via the rest api and not via cli interaction.