Hi grin miners!

Hello everyone, my name is Giacomo, i’m the founder of a very little cripto-community (bitaly.org).
We at Bitaly are very interested in the development of the grin project.

We would like to support project developments by participating in mining, but we have found that the procedure is very complex for beginners.

We ask if a detailed and more user firendly guide is planned in the near future, If there is a client with a graphical interface, maybe compatible with windows or other systems with related video-tutorials.

let us know news, in the meantime we will continue to follow you and to spread your mission to our community.

Thank you.



Hi Giacomo! I’ve found this useful guide to start (though i have yet some errors in the last parts): https://howtomine.co/2018/01/11/how-to-mine-grin-testnet/

If we find other resources and help, we can also build a guide by ourselves for the community, while waiting future developments. So i am available to write something! :slight_smile:
PS I’m from Italy too