Help me design and add content to our site!

Could we setup a new channel in the gitter instead? I’m not a fan of Telegram, I’m one of those tinfoil hat signal users :stuck_out_tongue:

@igno.peverell have any recommendations? I’m just using Google fonts so feel free to shoot me a few and I’ll host them :slight_smile:

@i1skn is the funding page suitable as a markdown editable template?

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Good stuff - we have a bunch of UX designers as well that I’m looking to set up a good place for communications with. I will action a new comms channel on Gitter so that we keep dev and design discussions all in one place.

Also note that we now have a Figma org set up. DM me if you want to be added to it. We can only allow two editors at a time for now, but there are ways we can circumvent this in our workflow. It’s all described in a bit more detail over here:


Join us there!


Howdy crew! Apologies for delays, past weeks have been busier than usual.

Added a flat white update that matches the minimal grincon slides:

Next steps:

  • turn this into a jeykll theme to make it easy to maintain with markdown. I’ll take a look later this weekend if @i1skn is low on bandwidth
  • to the grin crew: would you like to see any pages that aren’t present currently? What’s missing before this is ready for launching publically?

How can we make walls of text less daunting? The funding page looks really hard for me to look at (and perhaps the typeface has something to do with it…).

I agree, maybe the font is too big?

Really liked the design, but got bit annoyed by the font size.

@igno.peverell Hey man. I have a Turkish friend who is interested in the project and he has a Turkish web designer team in Turkey. He wanted me to ask you whether you still need any help.

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Feedback on

It looks awesome!

I like the simplicity and the large logo right on the front page. The copy is a little confusing though: under “Meet Grin” it says “what’s mimblewimble”. As someone new to the project I would be like, “wait… the logo is Grin, and the website is for Grin, what’s this mimblewimble stuff?”
Maybe change the “what’s mimblewimble” text to “how does it work?” or something else that’s simple and doesn’t introduce a new concept. Introducing one concept at a time keeps it friendly and approachable while also reducing the likelihood of confusion or errors. I’d recommend keeping the focus on Grin: the project is Grin and this is the page for Grin, but then explaining the mimblewimble details further down the page or in the high level technical explanation.

The clear menu bar at the top of the page is annoying because text from the menu bar clashes with text on the page as you scroll down. Maybe make it solid?

The Community Initiatives section feels cramped. I’d recommend centering them and introducing 1 at a time, or just featuring the latest most important thing. Attention is scarce.

Also, it’s weird that the font size varies from section to section. Maybe pick one size that works (I like the size in the Community Initiatives) section and use that throughout. Maintains consistency and helps the reader focus on the content. Also reduces cognitive friction.

Oh! and a FAQ page would be AWESOME!
Most people don’t get how Grin works, esp the no addresses part. There’s also a lot of vague or incorrect information going about on the various VC and Blockchain newsletters about how the crypto works. It would be nice to address that clearly to help reduce the noise/signal ratio in the space.

Otherwise this is awesome and I love it :slight_smile:

  • It allows someone to get a quick overview of what’s going on.
  • It’s friendly and approachable.
  • And there’s clear links to engage with whatever you care about like checking out the code, building a node, or learning about the tech.

Not sure if it’s been changed since you checked it out, but the security audit and funding pages looked great on my device. I like the progress bar.

Any of this design effort still going on? Would love to get involved and am a designer by trade!

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It will be always ongoing, your efforts appreciated.

Sounds like a tagline of some sort.

@freeshavacado come join the fun at!

This website needs to be updated now that mainnet is live.


@MerlinsBeard which website? The forum pages? I’m up to making a PR or help you make one. Also, @Numecca and Nijynot (what @ handle should I use?) see the people wanting to be part of grin’s design efforts. Maybe tag them witg a call to come meet on Hangouts, gitter etc, where things are more likely.


It’s been updated already. I was talking about It was still saying that it was awaiting mainnet for a while after mainnet went live.

Current design looks good.

It was enough to intrigue me in and hook me up.

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Current design is very different from the design it had four months ago when this thread was created.

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Any of the logo versions, avatars or graphic sets I uploaded over the past few days may be used on other sites such as twitter or even commercial use, free and clear. I don’t need credit. Cheers.

I can take custom orders and can output artwork for a range of resolutions or print usage.

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do we have any analytics on the site? Not sure if github sites come with some kind of tracking, but it’s useful to see numbers (and fun).

Just read about this (relatively) decentralized analytics platform

i’m sure there are others. We don’t want to give any info to google, but can be nice to see site stats.