Grin-pool/stratum failing to compile

Hi everybody,

I am new to rust environments. I am trying to build grin-pool on a local server for testing.

grin-pool/stratum has a dependency jsonrpc-core ="~4.0" which has sub-dependency syntax_syntax "5.4" . It throws this exception.

Then I searched it and found that syntax_syntax is not a maintained package and is known to break a lot. So, I tried to solve it by shifting to jsonrpc-core=“6” or jsonrpc-core=“7” which excluded this dependency. And now I am facing these errors.

OS: Ubuntu 18.04.3
Cargo Version: cargo 1.41.0 (626f0f40e 2019-12-03)
grin-pool Branch: v2.0.0

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i need a pool or asic miners how do you use grinpool