Grin++ Fund Candidate: David Burkett

I’m David, creator & maintainer of Grin++, innovator of some good ideas and a bunch of really bad ones, and occasional troublemaker.

I did not intend on applying for fund granting control because everyone hears more than enough from me. I believe the project is better off if more people were involved in decision-making. However, it looks like many of the candidates are actually leaning toward my proposal, which sets aside funds specifically for Grin++.

I don’t want to try to sway anyone’s opinions on which proposal we should go with, but I feel it’s important to formally apply for a position on the Grin++ fund committee in the case that funds are set aside for that. If instead the decision is made to go with one of the other ideas out there, I will fully support the decision, but prefer not to take on a formal role. There are already plenty of better choices for general community council members.

If funds are set aside for Grin++, I will do what I can to ensure they are used for making the project more secure, reliable, private, usable, and fully compliant with all accepted RFCs. I will also use them to try to attract new developers to the project, and to fund research on cutting-edge ways of improving the scalability, privacy, and usability of grin.

Despite both MW/Grin and Grin++ getting their own budgets in my proposed funding model, both implementations should maintain the same consensus rules. I will continue to do everything I can to make sure we do not end up with a controversial fork of Grin. As we saw with the recent inflation attack on Grin, we are much better off if both implementations are working together to protect the integrity of the chain.


I am glad you address this concern. No one likes a broken Grin :grin:



Great to see this proposal up :+1:


Thank you for posting this! :+1: