Graphical user interface

Providing a GUI with windows and widgets is important for people to use with ease, what are the plans for this?

I would suggest an HTML GUI. Users might want to host their wallets on a server, and so being able to access the GUI via the browser would be very nice. A packaged desktop app version bundling the binary and serving the same UI can be done with electron.


Symbol to use in GUI = ₲

it would be a javascript app interacting with the grin node via RPC right?

I guess so, we could possibly just use what this guy wants to develop and drop it into an exe or just keep it simple and provide the API.

I think everyone is still open to suggestions. Some argue that a wallet api is all that is needed, thus making a web UI would suffice. Others validly say that that is already too technical for mainstream users and grin should contain a simple wallet UI which runs alongside the grin wallet listener itself.

I mostly started the web UI variant for fun and to give people an idea of where it could go.

Github pages destroys the link on refresh. It’s supposed to be one less /grin-wallet: