Difficulty level rising fast

I am having a little farm of 20 1080ti , I used to mine around 8 -9 girn a day , now is about 5.5 - 6 grin … so it is less , but all other coins on what to mine are less too …

oh yes , I am minim on c31 … c29 is even less

Thank you for the chart! Yeah in this case, my concerns are invalid :wink:

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What miner do you use for C31? Gminer and bminer keep crashing for me. Sounds about right… I can get about 2-3 grin per day with 6 GPUs on C29.

How do we know that there isn’t an efficient miner exploiting the new algo?

Every miner is twice as efficient in finding cycles, by exploiting the doubling of solutions:-)