Create an official Grin wallet QT

Can we create an official QT wallet for Grin?

I believe that until Grin has an official wallet that is user-friendly, major players do not consider this coin seriously.

Even now after buying coins on the exchange I am not comfortable using the official grin wallet
And wallets that are not official do not cause trust that would store large amounts of money for a long time.

Why I wrote about it, investors with big money do not understand your hacking tricks, but they are ready to participate if you look more solid and do not play children’s games in the style of cypherpunk.

I hope you will listen to my opinion

There is better plan than that. Check out the other topics.

I think in our time we should not rely on others, it is not clear for what purpose they make an unofficial grin wallet.

Even if the source code is open, they can release an update with a deliberate vulnerability at any time and people will download it.

The official wallet should be one, if someone needs them, they will join to help.

I for the lived life, long ago understood that it is not necessary to trust people. Even if they swear on the Bible, they will still cheat, in life there are different situations, especially in difficult situations, a person is ready to do anything.