[COMPLETED] Python cffi secp256k1-zkp wrapper - bounty

Thanks @davidtavarez for testing this.

There’s a workaround required to install the package using pip on Windows. Here’s the instructions from the installation section in the readme.

If you’re installing this module on Windows you might need to temporarily change your TEMP environmental variable to something with a short path, like C:\temp, and create that folder before running the above command. This is done to workaround a limitation with the Visual Studio C/C++ compiler not being able to use files with long path names. You can revert the change to your TEMP environmental variable after the module is installed.

@renzokuken I noticed that you were working on implementing automatic testing with Travis CI. Can you confirm if that’s working?


Thank you for taking time to review this repo @davidtavarez !

Yes! It is working

however it only uses Linux image, I have not (yet) tried to include other VMs. One reason for that is I don’t want it to consume too much of CI resources, I haven’t considered yet upgrading to a paid plan.

Regarding the suggestion from David to add an action that builds the package, I like this idea, just need to look up how to do it.


Just few more words about the CI. I have not added an action for it, but it does automatically run for every new pushed commit and it is also enabled for all the pull requests. It also includes a badge in the readme and PyPi page so if build is no longer passing it will be immediately visible. I think this is the effect that David suggested.


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