Community Council 6th Member Candidate: Mokhtar

Hi there

Following last post from Anonymous, I’d like to thank the CC for giving me this potential opportunity to be the 6th member candidate

I first got interested in cryptocurrencies in 2020 … yeah sorry I was late for the party. Of course I heard about bitcoin and other projects before, but I always found monetary policies very unfair. I really didn’t dig that much after that as I wasn’t really convinced about how things work, especially on an ethical side.

When I heard about grin and its monetary policy, I fell in love with the project because it was imo the only crypto currency that was fair regarding investors, miners and users. grin is by far the only coin that is combining the three most important pillars : it’s community driven, privacy preserving and fair. It’s for the long term.

Since then i’am trying to contribute to the project.

What I did ?

  • I launched a twitter account since I knew about the project

  • I contacted a lot of exchanges (gateio, hobbit, kucoin and tradeogre) and I setup few private conversations on telegram with other community members trying to push them to update their wallet.

  • I’am always bug bashing grin ++ and try to report bugs and also share ideas

  • I’am the peanut butter dealer on

For funding decisions my priority will be to support ideas that can actually start an economy. I want people to have fun using grin and start paying with it. Besides the technical improvements, I think we need to work on simple tools that can help anyone to start buying and selling. improving usability is also a priority as it wasn’t easy at all to receive async payments (offline wallet) when I tried a few times.

Let’s start an economy


good gogogo 希望以后再中国也可以自由交易grin