Bounty for payjoin development on Bitcoin

Quoting from [1]

The HRF Bitcoin Bounty Challenge, with a 20 BTC total reward pool, has officially launched, with a focus on transactional privacy and Bitcoin self-sovereignty development.

The second bounty is a 2 BTC reward for a serverless implementation of a payjoin protocol. The bounty specifically calls for a “production-ready version 2 payjoin protocol which may send and receive Payjoin transactions without requiring a sender or recipient to operate a public server.” The Serverless Payjoin bounty asks for use of BIP-21 unified bitcoin URIs, and to remain independent from a trusted third party (hence serverless) which “could expose user privacy in a non-trivial way.”



Serverless sounds cool, before I found only this.

I think we have a PoC of this in the “contracts” code because Slatepacks are serverless. It’s probably a lot simpler to do it on Mimblewimble too.

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