Beam and Grin, can there be only one?

Initially I was like you for GPU mining. However, I soon realized ASIC mining is way better for security. The only caveat I had was that I feared regular users would not have access to ASICs, luckily some people put in a lot of effort to realize my and other people’s dream of ASIC mining at home.
GPU mining opens a huge attack vector, any small project can be easily reorged by renting GPU power. The same cannot be said for ASIC’s that run algorithms that are tied to a few projects that use them like Grin’s Cuckoo Cycle, C32. In my opinion it should be avoided that we ever go back to GPU mining, except perhaps some ridiculously expensive top end GPU’s that can naturally compete for Grin mining based on their electricity fee. That is safe enough since those GPU’s are not commonly available and cannot compete in price compared to buying G1 and G1 Mini’s.