Why grin nodes have difference disk usage


I have 2 nodes which has same header/chain height but different disk usage (sometimes I see it’s more than 3GB but suddenly down to less than 3). I thought it should be same right ? Or something I haven’t known about the technical features inside?
As a non-tech person, thanks for your basic explanation for dummies.


I noticed the same thing. I am not sure but here is a guess/possible reason.
Maybe the second node has been running longer and also accepted bloks from a split chain that were not accepted in the end, e.g. from when inflation bug exploit attempt happened and a lot of bloks were in a split of the chain that was not accepted by the miners majority. Maybe these old bloks are not cleaned/discarded properly unless you would resync the whole blockchain.
The first node might be new and would not have downloaded an old chain-split.
This is just a guess though :thinking:.

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