Wallet713 and Missing Transactions to Bitforex


I am using wallet713. I sent several transactions to my deposit address on Bitforex without any problem. Recently I sent a transaction and it did not show up at Bitforex.

The missing transactions show up in my wallet713 when I use the “txs” command to see the transactions. I have provided all of the information from that screen but Bitorex says they need the TXID. The TXID from the wallet713 screen does not work.

How do I get a TXID that Bitforex can use to find my coins?

Any help is appreciated!

Thank you!

try one more time …

I sent another smaller transaction through a couple of hours before I posted this message. It took a long time but it has arrived in my wallet on Bitforex. I am still missing my transaction from a couple of days ago that they want the TXID to find.