Tx fees & blocksize

Hello everyone,

could you please point me to any resource where I can find more info on the current approach to tx fees and blocksize? There is a mailing list thread which doesn’t seem to provide resolution of the matter.


RE: fees. Transactions have a weight, inputs have weight -1, outputs weight 4. fee = weight * scale. Miners can set what minimum value of scale they accept. scale is basically grin/weight, similar to sat/B in BTC.

Intersting @jaspervdm , is the idea to discourage an ever growing UTXO set?

How does the negative fee work, exactly? Output grins < input grins, basically the opposite of a normal fee? Furthermore, I was under the impression that people would be rewarded for reducing the UTXO set (from one of Andrew Poelstra’s old talks), which doesn’t seem to be the case if inputs have less absolute weight than outputs.

The minimum weight of a tx is 1. Reducing the UTXO set size is rewarded by having a negative weight for the input. You can create another output for free if you add 4 inputs.