Trouble Solomining Cuckoo30

Hi all,

I am having trouble soloming/testing. Seem to be getting stuck here:

Log File Output is as follows:

any help would be much appreciated.

here is a pastebin of my log. as you can see cuckoo16 works fine, cuckoo30 does not.

and yes i am rm -rf .grin

before i start the server -m run

any help much appreciated!

.grin is where the blockchain is stored. So if you delete that, you have to wait a day or more to re-sync your node. While syncing I dont think you can mine any valid blocks.

hi, thanks for the help, but i am not trying to mine on testnet - i am trying to set the miner to run on a local machine with an artificial testnet.

the problem is that the machine is not able to get the genesis block to build on (as far as i can tell). it works flawlessly for cuckoo16, but not cuckoo30.

are you on the master branch? that one has a cuckoo30 genesis.
make sure to update to most recent commit.

i think it may be working after the updates!
i think i am syncing now.

fair play to the whole team.