The Bitcointalk Grin Announcement topic

Hello Grin friends,

(better later than never)

I know this is countering the purpose of the Grin forum a little bit. But many people use Bitcointalk for general coin information (approaching 58k uniques on the Grin ANN currently). Reaching as many people as possible was one of the reasons I made the ANN post there. Now I’ve had a link up in that post where people could propose improvements or missing projects / details surrounding the Grin project but I’ve had very little feedback till recent overhaul of the ANN. And in order to try to optimize the feedback loop I do think this post might help.

I do envision that we list more community based projects / initiatives on the ANN, such as LovelyGrin. So please let me know what you would like to see in this topic.

[ANN] Grin | PoW Mining | Electronic transactions for all. Community driven.

Thank you @DavidBurkett @lehnberg @merlinsbeard for the given feedback so far.

Kind regards,