Solar storm Vs cryptos

I would like to know what can happen in a case where we have a long-range solar explosion or a solar storm.

I start with a case in which technological civilization will not be destroyed. If it were destroyed I don’t think we would be looking for private keys or cryptocurrency wallets :stuck_out_tongue: (maybe some obsessives would :wink:) I am therefore referring to a hypothetical scenario in which technology would be significantly affected, but not to the point of destruction.

So I wonder after the damage is repaired if everything will work normally (in cryptos environment) and if we will be able to recover our cryptocurrencies. Is it possible that the mimblewimble blockchain or blockchain is affected to such an extent that data recovery is impossible?

Is there some kind of “defense” of cryptocurrencies and specifically Grin for such a situation?

If you lose your private key then you lost your coins, so i assume you’re talking about the whole crypto network. As long as at least one person has a chain locally then he can broadcast it to everyone else

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Yes I am talking about the whole crypto network.

In short, only people without their seed phrase written down who’s computer get wiped by EM from the solar flare would lose the access/private-key to spend their coins.
Apart from that no loss. Only if there would be continuous disruptions, e.g. because the EM field from the earth flips pols (this happens on average every 3.7 million years), this would screw over electronic networks even with mild solar storms since the EM field of the earth would be to weak to block the charged particles (actually not blocked but redirected to the pol circle creating the northern and southern light). Meaning at some times you need to have your electronics locked away and the network cannot be used to broadcast transactions. The same goes for all electronic transactions, phone traffic etc. So using a bank card will be just as difficult and it might get destroyed if you do not use proper isolation from EM radiation as will all your other electronics easily get damaged by EM, especially the newer ones with smaller and therefore more vulnerable circuits.

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Thanks. Yes, I know about the rotation of the earth’s magnetic field, but that’s where we’re talking about events that will affect the Earth in general. So as a conclusion I hold that even with a solar flare that will affect the technological grid for some time more broadly there is no further problem to recover cryptocurrencies.

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