Samourai wallet case analysis

Probably it is best to have just a couple of mwixnet nodes in safe places where legislation is not a problem. We do not want unstable mix nodes since one dropping out means mixing becomes undone for that batch of transactions if I understand it correctly.
I think choice is the key for now. Mix if you want, chose the mixers yoi trust, do not mix if you do not want it. Perhaps if proven to be stable enough it could become a default in a couple of years.

we don’t have enough time

along with coin-join + cut-through and confidential transaction

we need coin-swap and pay-join by default at base protocol layer or it will not work

@grinmonk One of the possible Grin paths

we should discuss more about this we need more privacy and it need to be used as p2p money and even atomic swaps with beam and monero

I gave it a read. All transactions are payjoin now right? A receiver pays fees for his own output(s), so that means each transaction is by default a payjoin and the direction of a transactions is not leaked, right? If that is the case, that is already great for privacy.

Why do you say there is little time @i2pZ7812HTZV69? Grin has all the time in the world. Mwixnet sounds awesome, but there is no reason not to be conservative and test it thoroughly. Decades to come man,…decades to come…

Sadly, no. But I agree they should definitely be in nearly all cases. The exception being where the receiver has no inputs available. I believe this is high on Yeastplume’s todo list…


Is there a guide to run mwixnet nodes? i’m having some available low-end VPS to test.

Would love to see that happen, Grin is perfect fit for payjoins. Who knows, it might make it even more clear why grin interactivity is such a great thing. By being interactive Grin can hide the value in a transaction, and by default payjoin direction in the transaction graph gets obfuscated. And what are the cost for this…nothing, unless you woulf find interactivity a cost. Even if it would be a cost, it is damm well worth paying to get these benefits!

@noobvie I know very little of mwixnet. I tried it a few months back but had some compile troubles. Would be nice if there was a tutorial or something.


@tromp & @Yeastplume .
Dr Marek went was on TheVladCostea podcast speaking about Grin & other topics such as Quantum computing. It was very refreshing to hear a voice representing Grin on X. May I ask that you be open to join Vlad’s podcast to let the remaining $Grin community on X That GRIN is still alive and well? If you have a moment please. Thank you.

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Now Wasabi

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Peter Todd:

“I don’t want my employer to be able to find out where I spent my funds. I definitely don’t want someone I send bitcoin to to know how much I carry in the specific wallet from which I was spending.” [quoting Groundhog Day for the Crypto Wars: The DOJ on Bitcoin Prowl]

Coinjoin gives you the basic privacy protections any bank account has.

So does Grin. Without the bloat.


they will come after everyone

welcome to the new world order

where we own nothing and be a total slave lol

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Dr Tromp,
I understand that you’re a busy man & have held it down for GRIN after everyone left.
Would you mind doing an interview with Vlad Costea at the Bitcoin Takeover podcast?
Dr Marek has done a great job representing the community. Would you mind doing a follow up interview to let the community know that GRIN is not dead.
Thank you

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I’ll consider doing an interview it if I get an invitation from Vlad. But the community already knows that grin, while not very popular, is very much alive.


We all appreciate you Dr Tromp.
Thank you again for your podcast / interview consideration on the Vlad Costea Bitcoin takeover.
I will let him know to find you here.


Grin not having addresses already makes it a non-starter for adoption. We’re already on a completely different path from the mainstream.

Tornado Cash (Ethereum) developers also found guilty of money laundering

Grin’s interactive tx construction is not all that different from Bitcoin payjoin transactions [1] and also has similarities to payment channel transactions on its Lightning network.


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In context, I believe they were asking about stronger default privacy hurting adoption in the sense of regulation crackdowns.

Grin by default is already never going to be endorsed by institutions though. It’s just never going to be useful to them in terms of data collection and tracking.

Probably payment proofs are sufficient to comply with regulatory requirements for exchanges. With payment proofs you can prove coins are send to or coming from a wallet you control. So KYC should not be a problem. AML is a different story. The blockchain tells very little about where coins are coming from, especially if one would use frequent CoinSwap. So perhaps you will get a sort of division, coins linked to a daily MWixnet might not qualify for being sold on exchanges while outputs not mixed can be sold because it can be shown they are not linked to any tainted or marked outputs.

Unfortunately regulators “brand” Grin as a privacy project while privacy is just one of Grins many merits. Regulators are actually insentivising the project to go all in on privacy since at least in the EU exchanges are already not allowed on exchanges, so nothing to lose. A good example of regulators overreaching and achieving the opposite of what they intended to achieve.


This is on the wishlist still though, right? Not implemented in any wallets?