Qi, Energy, Constant Emission

For anyone that has studied or learned about tai chi (taiqi, taiji, etc), there are some interesting things about it.

Qi (Chi) is energy. But the more of it you use, the more of it you gain. And cultivating Qi is one of the only things in life that you can get better at the older you get.

It just got me thinking about Grin.

The older Grin gets, the more valuable it gets. The emission is constant, but the value goes up (power goes up, energy goes up).

In tai chi and in Grin, you are cultivating energy. And the older you get, the more power you get. But the energy cultivation never stops. It is constant.

Just an interesting little thought about the philosophy behind energy, time, and value.


Yes I have similar philosophical thoughts about it.

A living system contains contains a cycle of creation and destruction. Other coins envision a system that ends in only destruction without creation. A forest which grows no new trees is not a valuable for it’s scarcity, it is threatened by it’s loss of life.