[OC] Short-term goals

I like, in order of preference init, start, new or create.
The reason being is that you should be able to combine the word with both individual as well as combinations of the word contract and transaction. The word contract and transaction are not needed as part of the command, but the command should make sence when in your mind or in speaking language you combine it with the words contract and transaction.


init contract
init transaction
init transaction contract

start contract
start transaction
start transaction contract

new contract
new transaction
new transaction contract

create contract
create transaction
create transaction contract

Wiith draw it sounds a bit weird, e.g. draw transaction sounds flawed to me, but that might be my specific language background.

I think the problem with new <x> (or whatever word we pick instead of new) is that subcommands of new are not related between each other (eg. new transaction and new contact are not related to each other) while if you do transaction <x> they are (eg. transaction new and transaction sign are both working on transactions)

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