Niffler modifies ~/.grin/main/grin-server.toml to disable TUI

Which is very annoying. Last time I spend almost a half day to fix this. To enable TUI again, just delete the grin-server.toml file that is modified by Niffler.

yes, because with tui on, grin node process doesn’t work well on the background

Yes. But is it a good practice to modify the default behavior of another application silently? If such modification is unavoidable, I would like to propose to alternative solutions:

  1. Make a copy of user’s configuration file. Then modify and use that copy instead.
  2. Make a warning notice somewhere in Niffler to notice the user about such modification.

In my opinion, 1 is better than 2.

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good point.
I will consider it in the next version of niffler