Minerbabe diskless system lets one server manage thousands of rigs at the same time without disk

What is diskless boot?
Diskless boot has three roles: diskless network, diskless server and diskless workstation.
In a network, there is a diskless server and multiple workstations.
These workstations do not have disks, they are booted over the network, get the operating system from the server and run on RAM. Such a network is a diskless network. The workstation is called a diskless workstation.

What is diskless mining?
The diskless mining is a cost-effective method of mine deployment.
Diskless servers are deployed in the mine and all rigs are connected to it. These rigs get mining systems from diskless servers and run them on RAM without the need for hard drives, which reduces costs and improves mine maintenance efficiency.

Diskless mining makes these a reality:

  • Less cost: the cost of hard drive is saved. If you have thousands of machines, buying a hard drive is a big expense;
  • Extreme deployment: deploy 1,000 machines in one hour;
  • Easy to maintain: avoids hard drive damage and avoids system problems. When the system fails, restart the machine and re-acquire the system to recover;
  • Safe and stable: no hard disk, not easy to be attacked and parasitic viruses, every time you restart using the new system;

What is the cost of building a diskless mine?
If you have network cables, Gigabit switchs, or network cards, the cost will be zero.
A common computer can be, such as: CPU dual core, 2.8GHz, memory 4G, 32G solid state hard drive.
Many people have such idle machines, computers or rigs.
2. Network equipment
In general, in a diskless network of >100 rigs, we require the central network to use Gigabit switches and Gigabit LANs. If you have these devices in your network, you only need to deploy them properly. If you don’t have them, These devices are not expensive and it is recommended to purchase.
3. Diskless operating system (linux)
The Minerbabe diskless system is free to use and there is no devfee during mining.


  • Transfer image size: Cropped 200M linux system.
  • Start-up speed: It takes only 3 minutes for 100 mines to start at the same time in Gigabit network; it takes only 3 minutes to start 1000 mines in 10G network at the same time.
  • Risk protection: After the mine machine is started, it can be completely out of the server operation. The complete system runs in RAM. The failure of the server will not affect the mining of the running machine.
  • Stability: The Minerbabe diskless system has been running on hundreds of servers for more than six months, managing hundreds of thousands of mining machines, and there has never been a record of crashes.

The Minerbabe diskless system has rich features, like:

  • Keep track of mining detailed data, such as hashrate, temperature, overclocking parameters, IP, startup time, etc;
  • Operation mining machine in the cloud: reboot machine, suspend mining and adjust fan;
  • Fast switching: switching miner、mining pool,、mining parameters;
  • Overclocking, flashing VBIOS, viewing mining logs, etc.
  • User-friendly mobile console.

User usage
In China, many large mines are using diskless systems, and diskless mining is already a well-tested and mature solution.
Minerbabe diskless system is China’s leading diskless mining system. It has operating experience on tens of thousands of machines and is superior in Startup speed, stability and function.

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