KUCOİN Grin Wallet soon ONLİNE

hi ,Grin community. There is good news.
KUCOİN trying to fix and upgrade Grin wallet and they will enable soon. Grin core and Grin Community council are working together. :clap:



omg its finally happening:)


Good news. Congratulations


Great news ! Congrate ! :partying_face:

Does this mean it should become the best way to deposit GRIN in near future? Thanks! Recently saw that Gate.io was a mess for that and Bittrex delisted, so only withdrawing is ok for both…

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Fixed keybase://chat/grincoin#dev/22103
it is up 2 Kucoin now.
Grin devs done their best :clap:
Thanx for efforts Grin devs :vulcan_salute:
Also Burkett informed and said ready to help if Kucoin needs,feel free to contact.


is there a new update from kucoin?

Hi to you all,

I have a questio;
Does anyone knows how to bring the grin coins from bittrex to kucoin?

Thnx a lot

Kucoin does not support deposit at the moment. You need to withdraw to Grin++ wallet.

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Hi there,
Just checking if anyone got some news from Kucoin. I noticed it is in ‘maintenance’ in the app.

Hello guys. Is the Kucoin wallet still in maintenance? It’s a shame that the problem is not resolved because it contributes to the bad image of Grin for larger exchanges. And I think the price difference seen between Kucoin and Tradeogre is mainly due to this problem.

It is pure market manipulation and one of the reasons people see Grin as a rigged and failed ecosystem.

I agree that this is not a good thing for Grin’s image, but I still don’t think that means Grin and its ecosystem is broken. Personally, I’m not a developer so I can’t help on this level but if everyone was a little more positive about the project and in the comments, it would be better for everyone already. Hope this wallet issue will be resolved soon.


If you have a solution
I am also interested :slight_smile: