Is it safe to delete txhashset_snapshot_*.zip files in "grin/main/chain_data"?

Disk usage of my grin node increases quickly, now almost 100G is occupied. I checked data directory and found lots of txhashset_snapshot_*.zip files under “grin/main/chain_data” directory, they use half of my disk space. I wonder if it’s safe to remove them. I have a wallet run with the node, will the deletion break my wallet? Thanks!

Yes, it’s safe to remove those zips. They are created by your node to serve other nodes. From 1.1.0 and onwards, they are automatically cleaned up.

@kargakis Thanks for your answer :handshake:

Is it safe to also delete the folders txhashset_zip_701283 etc, and not just the zip files?

Also, is it safe to delete them while the node is running or should the node be first killed?


yes, they can be deleted while the node is running.

i recommend to upgrade to v1.1, which doesnt suffer from the problem of constantly creating the zip files and folders.

Many thanks!

I will definitely upgrade, just not now. I’ve hit several bugs with transactions in 1.1.0 (reported) and will wait till it becomes stable. Also, not all exchanges play nicely with 1.1.0 yet (e.g. Poloniex).