Here's a longshot for you: Does anyone here remember the website and know who made endofthegame dot info?

I’d like to find out who made that price ticker website, it was beautiful, my favorite one, the only price ticker to ever get me emotional, and I’d like to send them a message if possible.

For those who didn’t see the website:

in the background the song “Where is my mind?” was playing.

It had a couple, in a building at night, looking out the window into a post apocalyptic city, there were buildings on fire in the distance, and money was raining, but on fire as well. I think the couple’s hair was blowing in the wind because the glass in the floor to ceiling windows was completely shattered, and they were holding hands. The BTC price was projected on the building across the street.


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AH! you found it thank you!

Edit: it changed a lot.