Grins official Subreddit is abandoned

Browsing through you will find the following topics on top:

  1. Put this :business_suit_levitating:ElonNight :business_suit_levitating:Presale Launching soon :rocket: Don’t miss this Moonshot
  2. Want a long-running, long term project with gaming in the pipeline and a NFT related staking feature?

and so on, you get the picture. The place looks abandoned and gives the impression that Grin is too.
This should not be this way.

As moderators the following people are mentioned

the last two used to be around here, so i tried to get in touch with Paouky but didn’t receive an answer yet. Who knows if and when he will return. Is there anything that can be done about this issue? I would be willing to moderate the subreddit, however you would get to know me as Mr. Ban-Hammer since im a lover of strict politeness in online-communcation.


Weird; I don’t see any of those. I see “Desktop wallpaper. Enjoy!” on top.
In the past week I’ve seen and flagged 2 or 3 spam posts, which then soon disappeared, so moderation appeared to be working,

Strange, for me it looks as shown above. Maybe someone else can give a comment if he sees the spam so we can rule out that my browser has issues

Here is what I get on my side:

Ah, I see them if I view it anonymously (not logging into my reddit account). I guess reporting them hides them from view. But you’re right that moderation is failing if everyone else still sees them…

I agree, the subreddit moderation has effectively been abandoned. Spam festival is obvious. I’ve attempted reaching out to the /r/grincoin team several times over last week to no avail.

I have put in a request to reddit support and they will do their thing. (Presumably verify mods are beyond contact or reply, and re-assign.) Commander Keen has reached out to Paouky on forum.

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Thats my nickname in Telegram, sorry for any confusion in this regard. If you reached out to reddit they may give you Admin-privileges and you may give me them :slight_smile: The subreddit might end up with 2 active admins.


hehehe deal. I just hope they will get back to me; the subreddit has so much potential as reddit overall is a poppin’ place for all things crypto. Will keep all updated!

Just logged back in after hiatus, noticed the same thing. going to delete all the spam. thank you for the heads up please feel free to pm me also in the future, can use all the help.


Who should I add as moderators? I’m not sure I have the power since I didnt start the subs, but let me at least try. DM on reddit or post here and I will look at your comment history and see if you seem like a fair choice. Thank you everyone for caring.

You can add me.

Enjoy my comment history:-)


I’m available too if needed

Ok, issue solved. Just added tromp and burkett as moderators, and will probably add more soon.
Had to dethrone an inactive mod who was the only one with full privileges.