Grinmint: New Design for C32 Mining

Hi fellow miners,

Just to let you know that we reworked the interface of Grinmint with a new C32 display. You can now mine C29, C31 and C32 on the same account (even the same worker if you want).

We also added a brand new mining calculator including C32. So you can now choose whether to mine C29, C31 or C32. As always our APIs is completely open and documented on the website.

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Happy mining!


My dashboard no longer shows any work being done by my miner. I am looking on the C31 tab and there is nada? I am running Grin Miner Version 2.0.0, do I need to upgrade?

My miner still shows shares being accepted.

Try to clear your browser cache

tabernacle y avait raison, merci

prennez soins

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Where is the C32 calculator? Can’t find it. Thanks.

Refresh the calculator page :slight_smile:

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It’s better, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks. When will the profitability of C32 be more than of C31 with the same GPU?