Grin v1.0 Step by Step Miner Guide on Ubuntu [English version]

got it all working. thx.

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1.30 is an old version. If you had followed the instructions (see step A.1) you would have

$ rustc --version
rustc 1.31.1 (b6c32da9b 2018-12-18)

Make sure that you copy the grin-miner.toml from the grin-miner directory to grin-miner/target/release

Hi, I have the exact same issue.
How did you manage to solve it?


Getting this on a new install of Ubuntu, any ideas?

error[E0433]: failed to resolve. Use of undeclared type or module util
–> cuckoo-miner/src/miner/
208 | util::to_hex(self.0.to_vec())
| ^^^^ Use of undeclared type or module util

error: aborting due to previous error

For more information about this error, try rustc --explain E0433.
error: Could not compile cuckoo_miner.
warning: build failed, waiting for other jobs to finish…
error: build failed

An undeclared type or module was used.

Erroneous code example:

let map = HashMap::new();
// error: failed to resolve. Use of undeclared type or module `HashMap`

Please verify you didn’t misspell the type/module’s name or that you didn’t
forget to import it:

use std::collections::HashMap; // HashMap has been imported.
let map: HashMap<u32, u32> = HashMap::new(); // So it can be used!

But it does not work on Ubuntu 18.04 fresh (minimal) installation - What's the best miner for C31 algorithm? (and the next post below in that thread).

Any help, please… What should I do - install server edition or anything else?

Could you be more specific than “It does not work” ? What step does not work and what error messages do you see?

I have posted all that info in the linked thread, I thought that there is no need to duplicate that info here, but if you wish…
Here is what I see right after starting an unpacked pre-compiled grin-miner:

An error messages are like this:

Jan 25 11:43:11.058 DEBG Mining: Plugin 0 - Device 0 (GeForce RTX 2080 Ti) Has ERRORED! Reason: Device 0 GPUassert: out of memory /home/travis/build/mimblewimble/grin-miner/cuckoo-miner/src/cuckoo_sys/plugins/cuckoo/src/cuckatoo/ 429

My .toml is like this:


And there’s no matter whether I uncomment the rows below cpuload or not.

Ubuntu 18.04. Installed - updated - rebooted - driver installed - rebooted - miner doesn’t work.

Much more detailed log has been pasted here:

So that’s two threads that you have hijacked with your issue instead of creating your own thread. I will reply in the other thread.

your vRAM is insufficient, if you really want to try C31, change rtx to gtx.

Running ubuntu at runlevel 3 helped.
Now I woulfd like to add grin-miner to init.d for starting right after Ubuntu booted, and to use ‘screen’ for starting grin-miner.
My code in /etc/init.d/grin-miner is:

screen -S grin-miner /home/rabinovitch/grin-miner-v1.0.2/grin-miner

But screen does not start the miner, it says:

Starting Grin-Miner from config file at: /home/rabinovitch/grin-miner-v1.0.2/grin-miner.toml

And nothing… Any help, please?..

Is that the configuration file that you expect it to be using?

Sure. My bad, I used to start my script under sudo. Then it works as intended.

But it does not start the grin-miner on system startup… :neutral_face:

Okayyyyy. Why can’t I start grin-miner on my 6x1070 rig?

Looks to me like your trying C31 not C29…Assume your getting out of memory error.

Indeed, you can see it at Pastebin.
I’m wondering why some third-party ‘kbminer’ can mine C31 on almost any card under Linux, while an official grin-miner is still waiting for something to start at last support at least 8Gb nVidia cards. It looks a little weird…

anyone having persistence issues? meaning that i can get everything mining ok but after i type “Q” command to quit both grin and grin-miner and then try to restart the whole process, it fails. only a reinstall/rebuild of grin itself gets it working again. using Ubuntu 18.04 with Nvidia Geforce 1060’s + CPU-Avx.

You will have to be more specific than “It fails.” if you expect any help.

when i cd into ~grin and type “grin”, nothing happens (node doesn’t start).

You built grin from source right?