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Hi all! A while ago I realized that we are creating a very novel and complex technology, at the same time it is difficult to manage our knowledge base. People who have in-depth understanding of Mimblewimble as well as current implementations of the protocol have limited time resources and we should find a way to transfer this knowledge in a more scalable way.

I have briefly suggested to create some sort of Q/A solution in this post and also here. Now, under influence of a moment of inspiration I decided to create a proposal on StackExchange for our community.

If you think its a good idea and you support it, it would be very helpful if you could join there and help us get a beta!


We are getting there! Please continue joining this proposal, we really need some form of questions/answers platform. I myself have so many questions for my Python implementation of MW and I can’t bother core dev’s with every single one of them!

Screenshot 2021-11-24 at 10.23.51 AM

Just to motivate you more, take a look at some other crypto-related projects that already have their stacks defined in Area51

  1. Stellar
  2. EOS
  3. Monero
  4. Tezos

If they could do it, we certainly can manage it as well! Please continue following, we need 52 more followers and 40 more questions with score of 10 or more. We can do it guys!


I think it’s a great idea. The forum is good but a tech QA focused place is needed IMO. I suggested creating a Grin tech focused telegram group before but that would mean good questions get lost in the feed. Something like this would allow us to organise the nitty-gritty questions/discussions.


Bumping up. We have thousands of people in the community and yet only 12 decided to provide their votes for this proposal so I am once again asking for your support.

This is what we need to kick start the independent development community around GRIN. If you don’t want literally all the work be on the Core Team shoulder and you want contributors, follow this proposal and propose some questions. We need it!



42 more to go! 42 is a magic number!


never give up Rocky Renzo :facepunch:

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We might hit the requirement by end of 2023 at the current speed of subscriptions

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NEVER! :facepunch:

Doing what I can bro, just don’t want to spam too often about it to not piss people off…