Grin community candidate for fund granting control: .Hardman

Based on Call for Grin Community Candidates for additional fund granting control I propose myself as candidate for a place in the new or one of the Grin community Council(‘s). With a preference for David’s proposal and a spot in Grin++ council, but that’s up to the community and them to decide.

My first experience with bitcoin was in 2012, but I was too young to know what it was and how to work with it. Overtime, I kept an eye on Bitcoin and early 2017 the decision was made to start getting involved with cryptocurrencies due my opinions about the economy and realizing the benefit of controlling your own “money”. This led to me falling into a rabbit hole of information which I enjoyed a lot. Learning what cypherpunks were, why they were doing what they were doing etc. Fascinating, a new digital world was opening to me. It took me a good few years to get a good grasp of the space as a whole as there’s a lot to learn (and I am still learning daily). During this time I’ve started helping out on other communities in the shape of moderating, administrating or creating the Discord servers.

In 2018 I’ve noticed that Grin didn’t have a Grin specific discord server (there was a server for all MW coins), so I went ahead and assembled a group of volunteers and enthusiasts to set it all up and allow the people of Grin to have a safe space to communicate. My main goal was to have a safe space, plus a place where everyone is equal - no power - no monetizing of a group for personal gain etc. And I hope others see that as something that has been accomplished over the years. After creating the Discord I also created a bitcointalk announcement thread for Grin to gain exposure to all the people there. I try my best to maintain it. > [ANN] Grin | PoW Mining | Electronic transactions for all. Community driven.

The current idea of changing the decision making model over funding is a positive change for Grin as a whole in my opinion. It is an idea that has me quite excited, because without it I wasn’t necessarily positive about Grin’s future community wise. But with a change like this I think the tides can be turned around. Shaping Grin into a growing and blooming community overtime. I’ve tried my best reviewing most of the current model proposals and two stood out to me namely the proposal by David (dburkett on discord) and the proposal by lehnberg.

  1. Fund Alternative: Another Split Fund Proposal
  2. Fund Alternative: A Split Fund Proposal

With already having hinted at what my opinion is about the idea of alternative structures for Grin funds I’d like to explain why I picked these two proposals as ones I’d personally support.

I personally like the split proposal of David the most. It gives the largest sum of money to the Council which supports and secures the basis of Grin core development. While also giving room to Grin++ development. In my opinion Grin++ in my opinion has been and will continue to be a crucial part of the whole Grin ecosystem, and I personally have only used Grin++ in the past year due the use of ease and great UI they have given it. The proposal covers the two most important “groups” or “projects” that work within the Grin ecosystem. But also covers another important part. Namely, the community as a whole - it assigns a part of the funds to a third council where the community projects such as marketing, coinswap, hww implementation etc can be working with. It is also a good idea to have respectable community members pick the people who hold the multisig keys, preferably not affiliated with the current council to avoid a situation as we’ve seen the past 2 years.

With regards to the second fund alternative proposed by lehnberg. I like this proposal as well, but I feel like it would keep a strain on marketing - grin++ - and other community efforts. It is less detailed described why these funds are assigned to the newly chosen group of multisig holders. Plus the council picks the volunteers, which could mean Grin doesn’t advance from its current position. However I support this proposal as well, because it could imply Grin gets “unstuck” from its “stuck” position due the council being too much up in their “citadel”. I just would support the proposal by David more as it would give the different groups more autonomy and drive Grin further at a quicker pace than otherwise would’ve happened.

With having the proposals reviewed above I hope it’s clear why I like them. Together with my experience in crypto as a user and “community developer/helper” I think I can help greatly in decision making + advising (and key holding in case it’s required). As earlier said I’d like the first proposal the most, and then the second one.

I want to thank you kindly for having taken the time to read my post.

Have a nice day,