First Grin Mask

I have good news on the subject.
While thinking about the grin mask, I remembered my cousin, who is a painter. She’s really talented and I can’t imagine what she’s capable of.
In about 2-3 weeks, we will draw beautiful mask designs. I’ll post it here once the drawings are complete.


I am not a graphic designer :slight_smile:


Thanks @acidmax , its good but i think

  1. Should be yellow,
  2. Should have nose part
  3. Should have face lines
  4. And lastly, I think the virus mask is unnecessary because countries started to remove the use of masks after vaccination. Masks may soon be a thing of the past. Also, the virus mask does not hide the face. We need to emphasize anonymity.
    Thanks anyway. Pretty good for someone who isn’t a graphic designer.

Quick and dirty yellow on acidmax’ image.
I think it should be a bit more round, especially the bottom half. I tried with the image, but it is a bit difficult for me…

Overall, I really like this idea, because it looks minimalistic and it has all the iconic parts of the logo.

I am not sure about the nose. From the outside, it may not need one, because the openings seem big enough for breathing. From the inside, it would be good to have some structure that rests on the nose, so it does not just press flat against it.


Trying to find the optimal placement, so that the eyes can look through the letters.



Is this advertisement for the future?

When amazon accepts Grin? :slight_smile:

No, it’s the logo that amazon canceled because it reminds people of Hitler

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@grn I think this is the most minimal and practical design so far.
Do you know the sizes/proportions based on the red mask frame you use?
The question is how to go from here to a 3d Design or is the above already in 3D?
I think the mask itself should be relatively simple, only amde concave, but possible the black part needs to be emboss resembling eyes and the mouth

It’s just 2D with a gradient. I took the red proportion lines from here:

The inner edges of m and w may need to be rounded off a bit, so the don’t disturb sight.

An option would be to shorten the upper part. Then it were more round and would look less eggish and more like the Grin logo…

It would be great if masks could be DIY’d easily at home with simple supplies.
Then people could make them anonymously and decentralized.

Check this guy. I have no idea what he is saying, but his technique is top-notch. He measures proportions with his fingers:

There could be a printable template that people can transfer to cardboard or plastic sheets.

Here is a more minimal English version:

The more minimal, the easier to make at home.


@grn Maybe you are right, maybe the first step would be to make a printable template for paper, 2 sides. Front with mask, back with the cutting sides on where to fold and glue like the guy did.
Second step would be to make the 3d version of plastic. Not sure how easy this would be to make at home since cheap 3D printers are not cut-out for mask making, maybe industrial ones can be used.

It would be nice if we could release some masks before Halloween this year, Would make for a pretty awesome ensemble


My cousin continues to work on the Grin mask. I want to share some images.


Cool!, a bit like a wicket jet kind smiling joker.

The mimblewimble man/Grin man. Just an idea


I would like to present the first Grin Mask to Ignotus Peverell.
This work will be called Ignotus Peverell. The name of mask will be Grin Mask.
Speaking for myself, I learned a lot like being humble, minimalist and humane from Igno. On behalf of all of this, I want to thank him here.

Anyone who defends the Grin ideology will be able to wear this mask.
I will share all the details of the mask soon. After the design is finished, we will need a manufacturer.


Dios mio! I want that backround! :heart_eyes:


Just one word comes to my mouth…

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Can come up with a final program, I let manufacturers here free processing of several physical samples

Incredible design! Great job to you and your cousin, just wow. :exploding_head: