Cryptocurrency Exchange

The ProperSix exchange is a crypto trading platform where users can trade at a much faster transaction speed.ProperSix exchange will ensure a transaction speed of more than 6000 TPS (transactions per second) and the more we scale, the faster we get. ProperSix exchange is secured by advanced architectural solutions such as inclusion of hot and cold wallet with the encryption and limited access of the database.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Furthermore, ProperSix are using advanced multi-factor authentication solution, which is developed on top of the blockchain, which is much more secure than current 2fa/mfa systems. Our IP verification and 2fa verification for withdrawal will ensure maximum security at the exchange. Buy crypto from several alternative payment methods and 40 currencies into Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, XRP and 0x instantly – no additional verification required, with many deposit Methods – it’s never been easier to buy cryptocurrency using your preferred local method. This exchange also provides users with a Drag-drop & scale feature, allowing to create a personal experience.

ProperSix has a different system where every one of the stages will use the Blockchain innovation and bolster each other in generally keeping up every one of the frameworks.ProperSix Blockchain will be in front of innovation in such manner which resolve the crypto trade and with the formation of new digital money, ProperSix will use the Next-Gen Blockchain to run decentralized crypto trade which will offer to exchange for people in general and private part too.
Sign up with ProperSix

Signing up with PRO6 is very easy, you need to follow a few steps like:

• Enter your Full Name
• Verification if you are human or not
• Join ProperSix Telegram group
• Join ProperSix channel
• Like FB page
• Follow on Twitter
• Comment on Bitcointalk announcement thread
• Provide your ERC20 compatible wallet address

• Facebook Account
• Twitter Account
• Bitcointalk Account
• Telegram Account
At the point when customers register with the ProperSix gambling club, they will get an individual wallet number and allowed access to buying tokens to use in the club. Moreover, a different trade administration will enable customers to money out or make further applications.


What Grin support do you offer?

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Any time I see an online casino offering, the first word that comes to mind is ‘SCAM’. Of course that might not be the case here, but given other bad actors in this space in the past, it will be an uphill battle to convince potential clients otherwise.

Further, your exchange portion does not appear to support GRIN coin at the moment and is very limited to only 5 pairs plus your own token. I suspect this is expected to grow over time? As this is a GRIN community, you would likely expect this as a bare minimum for those in this community. Does your exchange expect to support GRIN trading?

I notice also that you will be trading fiat to crypto (and vice versa, I suspect). Is this through another third party or directly within your platform?

What are your KYC requirements for those who prefer anonimity? Is validation required to use your platform or is it only applicable at a certain threshold?

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