Choosing Nvidia card

As I understand it Cuckaroo29 is bound by memory bandwidth. So looking at the Stats it makes scene the 2070 is faster than the 1080ti per watt as the 2XXX cards use GDDR6 vs GDDR5x of the 1XXX cards. My question is are there any 1XXX series cards that used GDDR6 and would these cards be similar to the 2XXX series cards in Graphs per Second at a lower price.

I don’t think pre-buying a card makes sense, I would suggest waiting for release so that the mining code is changed under you

I was hoping to make use of the boxing day deals! I think the 2070’s should be a good bet hopefully we see some at $500.

What does this mean… the algos aren’t going to change so much that mining won’t require a gpu.

One of the 2x speed up bounty may be claimed in a way the requires a high amount of memory so only a high end gpu could be profitable… possibly that’s why they are there.

Poeple under estimate such risks and I’m assuming this is a large investment to op as most poeple do not actually save money

On another note anyone know how long after CES new cards launch? If AMD launches there new cards they might be a better fit considering the power efficiency of 7nm.

anybody an idea who fast an nvidia MSI GTX 1080 armor oc would mine? im planning to buy one but would like to know some basic stats if possibible

I’ve tested one Inno3D 1080 the performance is 3 Graphs per second.

Thanks for the share of your test. Is it on floonet2? Do you know how gtx 1060 perform?