C31 mining on windows 10, possible?

as of title, Is there a way to mine c31 on a Windows machine?

i have a 1080ti with a r7 and 16gb, but im really not in the mood to install Linux on it as its mostly a gaming pc, most id be willing to do is virtual machine it, since i have a good ammount of ram and cpu leeway.

You can use Minerbabe while you are not gaming. Just flash it to USB dongle and reboot the PC with this USB for mining. It will take about 1-2 minutes to reboot the gaming PC into mining super-machine.


hadnt thought about that, even thoug i do have an Ubuntu usb…

now the question is, does miner abe have a full fledge os so i can net browse and similar while it mines?

or i jsut stick to miner os for that.

If we are talking about Minerbabe OS, then there is no possibility to browse the Internet under it.
If you are ready to build/run the Grin miner under Ubuntu - then you can.