Bminer Linux of windows

Is bminer on Windows as fast as on Linux?

the code is probably the same, the main variant may be the drivers… even if they are the same version, they still are for different platforms… you gonna have to test what works best for you!

So a simple answer would be:

YES, it should be about the same speed, not exactly the same tho… so test it!

I tried to run C31 mining on 2080Tis under Windows 7. I got lower values than under Ubuntu 18.10. But Win7 refused to work stable on Z370 MB, so I will try to install Win10 later this week to check the numbers there.

When I was trying to install itunes on windows 7 it was not installing at all so please help me with the proper justification for this problem. I have even tried this with admin privileges but still the same thing.

Yes, we are currently using BMiners on all our mining site with over 1000 machines after testing on Windows. They are just as fast, we are mining on