Bminer CUDAerror

I just downloaded the miner and i got this error.!
Anyone know how to fix it?
Screenshot (83)|690x132

Not sure to what to make of it. It looks like antivirus interfering with Bminer, but apparently also some malware can camouflage itself as Aswhook.dll. Maybe try deleting it (keep a backup somewhere) and see if it helps. O and scan the file for viruses just in case.
See link below for more information.

I think Anynomous is spot on. Most likely need to add an exception in AVG for the miner.

Thank you guys for help. But right now i am getting some kind of other erros.

Verify drivers and ensure your graphics card is supported by the miner.
Also looks like you are trying to connect to ZCash mining on Nanopool.
Verify your syntax…