Bitcoin Magazine NL Yeastplume interview


Michael should deny getting interviewed by a guy wearing a dash cap

Hmmm? Dislike dash for a reason? I dismissed it but it wasn’t anything major but I didn’t dig very deep

Dash cap and Ethereum t-shirt. The guy was pushing it…


Seems Charlie was spot-on 2 years ago

I have bad news about what the standard level of quality is in this market, even with all that being true dash would probably be above average.

… The reason I’m so anti beams premine is that they lied about it, there is an aurgement to be made for having one, namely the inflation rate goes down even if it at the cost of fairness, and wasn’t dash honest about it?

Well, I have chosen a different way to make money so settling for average shitcoins is a waste of time for me.

Honest about what exactly? Apparently, they weren’t about instamining.

Not talking to someone is something only on the table for neonazis and communists in my mind, buying into a peusdocult or running a project poorly is not that.

I mock poeple all the time, I don’t see politeness being nessery to a conversation, he says “I own a fuck ton of coins and I decided to keep them”, the room may have laughed but that’s kinda honest enough for me.

In my mind the most important thing in this space is tech diversity, dash at least made thier own code base I believe, this is not something I can say about say lightcoin, altho it being so early Lee didn’t nesserily know the problems that would cause.

How did Beam lie about their premine?

They have a “dev tax” that is a premine in everything but name and if you ask them about if they have a premine they say no, it’s listed as a positive that they don’t have a premine on thier site and I remember a corporate speak word salad when I first pointed it out.

Did they insta mine blocks and have time locked them to simulate a dev fee in each block? Or is there actually a dev fee taken from each block?

My understanding is that the block reward does not go entirely to the miner but a chunk goes to themselves for a few years.

But I honestly don’t see the difference between any of these systems either way.