24/7 testnet server & miner now online @ testnet.grinminer.net

Ardoctrat let me know there was a big need on the dev side for a permanently hosted testnet server and pool.

I set up a dedicated box as a testnet server with a G1 mini mining to it to provide 24/7 access to you all and it hosts the website for a set of mining services I plan to launch in January.

You can sync your testnet wallet using the public API


Copy this URL and set as a preferred peer in grin-server.toml


Testnet stratum server address for mining tGRIN


Website for my services

The testnet part of grinminer.net is live and ready for use, and tGrin is available by request.

I would love it if someone is willing to point a rig at it full time so let me know if you have the means and dedication to do so. If no one volunteers I’ll keep the rig connected and there is an address and email link for donations to cover lost mining revenue, DDNS services, domain purchase, and the SSD upgrade I ordered to make it a fully validating archival node.

I don’t feel great about asking for donations, but I’m on a fixed income with SSDI so I don’t have much funds to support this.

The server will be available 24/7/365 and I’ll aim for 99.9% uptime.

Really hope it gets some use from y’all!


Feedback on the website is appreciated



If anyone mines to it, I will pay out tGRIN within 48 hours of coinbase tx maturation.

If there are other miners I will develop a system to pay out like a public pool.

Here’s the tGRIN count so far…

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Testnet has been up and stable for 24hr with 100,000 tツ mined so far and the website is hosted on the same server using Nginx and Let’s Encrypt for SSL.

This will be my last update posted on it, I will edit the messages from here on out for news.

Feel free to use this thread if you need support, or scan a QR below, you can always also email transatoshi@grinminer.net


Nice! I’ll try to set the community G1 mini on this testnet later this Saturday since there are some challenges with the other servers.

Make sure you have it on the right port, I changed it to 13416 since testnet is 13414. I really appreciate it!